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Our tax consulting and preparation firm provides software, accounting and tax training services for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME South Africa) in order to educate and provide an increased awareness of the financial risks affecting business and/or personal finances.  This encourages a focused working relationship in different business departments, tax advisers and the South African Revenue Service (SARS). This will also enable efficient and effective reporting for the business's financial management and growth.

Through the following services, we assist businesses with a comprehensive plan, make decisions and act towards growth, manage businesses through financial reports and accountability, continuously improve in a steadier and more incremental manner, and experience the benefit of business sustainability. We also perform a 360-degree accounting review and evaluation of each company’s income and expenses to efficiently manage tax liability and focus on the short- to long-term goals of the business.

  • Financial accounting services

    • Monthly management accounts

    • Quarterly management accounts and reports

    • Sign-off on annual financial statements

    • Budget compilations and reports

    • Cashflow Compilation and report


  • Finance management services

    • Cashflow and budget review and analysis

    • Financial performance monitoring, analysis, and review targets

    • Financial strategic improvement compilation

    • Tax planning, tax compromise, tax opinion

    • Business advisory (fund readiness, working capital management, expansion planning, etc.)​​​​


Financial Accounting
Stem Services
Financial Manager & Governance
  • Governance and risk

    • Policies & procedures

  • Financial management for small businesses training

    • Basic bookkeeping

    • Budgeting

    • Cashflow management and analysis

    •  Fundamentals of VAT, income tax, provisional tax and PAYE compliance

  • Tax management training

    • Completion of SARS returns

    • Tax audit approach and audit preparation

    • Handling the tax dispute resolution processes

    • SARS Debt Management

  • Software setup and training

    • Sage on accounting and payroll 

    • Xero set-up and training

Accounting Software

Business Meeting

Our foundation services enable business to ensure that business financial records have a systematic record keeping of source documents, avoid clients being surprised by SARS audit and penalties and interest due to failure to keep proper source documents, ensuring that business records are maintained accurately and timely, and providing our clients with a customised financial management system.

  • Secretarial Services

    • Document Management

    • Labour UIF Submissions

    • COIDA

    • CIPC returns

    • CIPC amendments


  • Bookkeeping services

    • Receivables / Payables and bank processing

    • Payroll


  • Tax compliance services

    • Tax compliance

    • Tax audits verification managements

    • Tax objections (waiver of penalties, NOO, NOA)

Seed Services
Secretarial Services

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