4 of The Most Crucial Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn From An Oak Tree

Entrepreneurs are like gardeners.

They plant, nurture, and watch seedlings grow into strong successful businesses.

I've developed a newfound fascination with oak trees lately.

I've been thinking about how strong they are and how they remind us that great things often have small beginnings.

Just to think about it...

An oak tree is a result of a small nut that persevered against the hurdles of doubt and fear.

Let me just go a step further so to align my ideal with where you are going or rather where you want your business to go.

A mighty oak tree you see today is just yesterday's nut that held its ground.

That my good friend is the attitude it takes to build a lasting business.

So where do we begin?

Just continue reading and make sure to keep your notebook closer to you than a best friend.

1. Big dreams for small businesses: The little known secrets to establish firm roots

The strength and longevity of an oak tree come from its roots.

Roots make you strong...

No tree can grow and survive without nurturing the roots.

You are the root of your business and unfortunately in this scenario, it's not up to the provision of the rain but unto the commitment of your personal development that your business will grow.

Personal development to a great extent determines the course of your business.

We build businesses to gather strength from our deepest roots.

Here's the best advice I can ever give you about building a business that will outlast you and make your children and their children's children proud.

Grow deep and you will stand tall.

Learn to grow.

Your business growth doesn't far exceed your personal development.

Invest in yourself.

2. The number one secret to successfully transition through the seasons of change

The best way to deal with change is to expect it.

And in the same vein, the best way to accept change is to prepare for it.

Change is not there to impair you but to improve you.

The laws are strict, without change, there will be no improvement.

Oak trees cycle through a period of change and decay.

They blossom and whither throughout the year due to changes in seasons.

Businesses also go through a natural cycle of ups and downs.

And by natural, I mean the inevitable.

There is nothing much you can do except to adapt.

When businesses decline, it's time to reinvent the business model or product and implement innovations to adapt to the changing market.

Here's another strong piece of advice...

Just as oak trees decay to make room for new leaves in the spring.

Both entrepreneurs and companies need to allow old and dying bits of the business to continue growth and rebirth.

3. How to fast track your growth and dominate the market

Look at the nature of an oak tree.

They tend to grow and then wide with branches.

The greatest of all businesses focus on growing the core of the business first.

With strong and solid trunks, businesses can then branch to other markets, different avenues, or new products.

A business without a core trunk will be threatened by every wind of adversity.

An immature tree can never carry the weight of many branches.

Invest your energy to focus on establishing a solid core in your business before expanding and taking on new ventures.

Clarify the following to incubate a sustainable business:

  • Culture

  • Strategy

  • Systems

  • Processes

  • People

  • Business Model

  • Branding and positioning

4. Why practicing patience will radically increase your success

It takes years and years for an oak tree to grow to its fullness.

Just like the oak tree, understand it will take years for your business to be profitable.

Remember, the deeper the roots the sweeter the fruits.

But trees take long donkey time to grow.

If a rose can grow from concrete so can your business regardless of all odds.

But don't be naive...

Lower your expectations and raise your appreciation.

Don't expect to eat fruits on the same day you planted the seeds.

Understand the true value of a seed...

Protect it at all costs because destroying the seed is destroying the forest.

Be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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