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The tax game can be pretty dicey. There’s so much paperwork and jargon involved and most of the time it feels like there is only so much you can do before you lose all your money to tax returns. While you want to be a great citizen, you also can’t afford the humiliation if your business should lose all its money blink of an eye. Could there be a way to be patriotic and still rake in the big bucks? Is there even a way to beat the government system at its own game?


Is there a hidden tactic you’re missing out on? This is where we come in to take care of your needs. Kick back, relax, and leave all the difficult work to us because we know the system and we have all the keys to help you unlock the financial status of your dreams. You won’t feel any pain, you won’t break any sweat but you reap all the benefits. We provide;

  • Optimization of tax benefits

  • Identification of tax-saving opportunities

  • Creation of financial strategies that produce results

  • Step by step formula to pay your overwhelming tax dues

  • FREE monthly consultation


We understand how important these decisions are so we provide the option for you to CANCEL anytime, no questions asked. What more could be better than this.


Our Team


Sanelisiwe Matimba-Mkansi, MD

sanelisiwe@pfunani.co.za | Phone: 081 882 2118

Mac Duke, Virtual Business Strategist

macduke@blulions.com | Phone: 083 234 2875

What is the best possible outcome, What are you trying to achieve? What do you want to happen next? These are some of the powerful questions Saneliwe asks when consulting with you, and probably why she is the best Tax Coach in her field.

Mac Duke The Strategist in many ways is a professional opportunist. His main business activity is to find the best opportunity, create a plan to take advantage of it, and maximizes resources to make the biggest impact possible. 

Nompumelelo Mbamba, Accountant

Lorraine Maluleke,

Office Coordinator

Nompumelelo assist with corporate strategy, provide advice and help our customers to reduce costs, improve their top line and mitigate risks

Lorraine Maluleke is responsible for managing the flow of our office, she creates processes and systems to enhance company operations

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